Be proud Africans filled with love and care: Tiri Africa 2017


By Makanaka James 

Being African in itself deserves to be celebrated. A group of young people, Young People for Others (YPO) know it and this year held the 3rd annual Tiri Africa Concert. 

Tiri Africa (We are Africa) is a concert which serves to induce in the young generation, a sense of responsibility for their mother Africa. It does so through exposing them to the dynamic talents, arts, culture and icons in the continent which are worth preserving and observing.

This year’s concert was held at Arrupe College in Mt Pleasant on the 27th of May 2017.

The hosts, Young People for Others, a youth movement, are inspired to do works of charity for the less privileged and vulnerable members of the society. Through Tiri Africa Concert, the movement also motivates its audience to take care of the needy in their different societies and to create a peaceful Africa filled with love and hope.

Mrs Lucy Chelimo, the Kenyan ambassador to Zimbabwe and the Ms Annie Kumwendo the Malawian ambassador to Zimbabwe graced the 27 May concert. Various high schools including Goromonzi high school, St Peters Mbare , Kutama College, St Ignatius College, Visitation Makumbi and St Dominics Chishawasha participated in the concert proceedings. 

St Ignatius College Zambia also sent its delegates to celebrate the oneness of the African Continent with Zimbabwean young people. 

The day commenced with performances from musicians such as Alexio Kawara, Inno Mpemba and the flavor Jam, poetry from young individuals such as Ects, Rumbidzo Gunduza and the 25 May Movement among many others. 

Artists like Tadiwa Gapa and others had their tables to display creative drawings and sold bangles, wrist bands and necklaces with an African rich flavour as a way of showcasing and appreciating African talent. 

In a way of discovering and sharing the essence of being African, participating schools made presentations in the form of drama, music, poetry, spoken word and dance. 

Proceeds from the concert will be channeled to the group’s different service projects and beneficiaries.  The group realises it takes more than money to assist the needy therefore helps youths in knowing their roles and teaches them to give their time and the little they have without counting the cost, labour without asking for reward and to toil without seeking for rest so as to create a better Africa and a better world.







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