St Ignatius College alumni hosts dinner in Ignatian month

Former students of St Ignatius College, Chishawasha, are getting together for a networking dinner set for the 8th of July at Cresta Lodge in Harare.

The dinner falls in the historic and traditional month dedicated to celebrate the life of St Ignatius of Loyola, after whose name the College is named.

St Ignatius of Loyola, is a Spanish soldier who converted from a life of knighthood to being a soldier for Christ and was declared a saint of the Catholic Church in 1622. His feast day is celebrated on 31 July, the day he died.

He founded and inspired the growth of the Society of Jesus, popularly known as the Jesuits. Jesuits are a religious group of Catholic brothers and priests, who consider education an utmost priority in the development of a society and individual.

The dinner, organised by the College’s Alumni Association, is aimed at fundraising for St Ignatius College’s various developmental projects.

The projects include supporting the expansion of Information Technology at the College, maintenance work to be done in the College Chapel, the school hall, and several ageing infrastructure that have been existent since the school’s establishment in 1962.

Alumni Association chairperson, Mr William Mandinde said the dinner, ‘gives us an opportunity to get together as alumni, celebrate our friendships as we put in place a support structure for the College.  Each one of us received a lot from the College.  Now we have a chance to give back, for the benefit of future generations.’

St Ignatius College is a full boarding school located in the outskirts of Harare, in Chishawasha.There are just over four hundred learners at the College, including girls who join the College for Advanced Level.

Current College students participate in a number of sporting events, they are outstanding in cultural events and the College has managed to maintain a high pass rate.

Jesuit education aims at training the whole person, producing learners who are men and women with sensitive consciences, who are competent and compassionate world class citizens.


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