Hartmann House celebrates 60 years; opens new infant learning centre.

Hartmann House celebrates 60 years; opens new infant learning centre.

Esteemed speakers took turns to stand in front of hundreds of boys, parents, staff and guests as Hartmann House Preparatory School celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Hartmann House Preparatory School was established in 1957, 30 years after St Georges College relocated from Bulawayo to Salisbury (now Harare).

Addressing more than hundred guests, several speakers celebrated the school’s excellence in facilitating academic and personal development of boys passing through the school.

Fr Joe Arimoso SJ, the rector of Hartmann House and St Georges College, challenged the administration and staff of Hartmann to do a self-critical evaluation on progress and way forward.

“We should ask ourselves that in what way Hartmann House has shown that it has been learning, unlearning and relearning.”

“If we look around today and seeing how we have been doing, it is easy for this or any school, to hide behind infrastructural development, and convince parents that a good education is going on.”

He recalled, in speech, the words of the Society of Jesus’ former Superior General, Fr Adolfo Nicholas SJ that many ‘are building new schools but offering old education’ and that it needed to be changed.

Fr Arimoso SJ added that “infrastructural development must be masked by software of education.”

He described the first software as career focus. This type, he said, “focuses on teaching boys something relevant for survival in the global industry. It focuses on what they can be in the future.

“The most superior software is human excellence. What kind of boys are we producing here? What contribution will they bring to the society, which needs good leaders, which needs peace, a society that is broken?”

He concluded saying that ‘Jesuit education today is focusing more and more on educating a global citizen.’

The response to the local and global issues calls us more and more to work together to deal with issues that will affect the children and us.

A Jesuit school is not an institution but a community of people who share a common purpose.


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