Holy Name parish celebrates Diamond jubilee

By Margaret Mikiri

The year was 1957 parish was officially opened and blessed. 60 years on, multitudes of parishioners gathered at the Holy Name Catholic Church in Mabelreign, Harare to commemorate its fruitful and faith-filled decades of service and community.
The parish, blessed by the then Archbishop of Salisbury (now Harare), His Grace Francis William Markall SJ now serve over 2000 parishioners.
Archbishop Marek Zalewski, Apostolic Nuncio of Zimbabwe, on Sunday the 13th of August concelebrated mass with Fr Ignatius Munyoro SJ, the parish priest and several priests.
In his laudatory message, Archbishop Zalewski praised the congregation and urged them to reflect on the purpose of Christian communities.
"All of us have been sent here to work, to help people understand the word of the Lord. We are here to celebrate the love of God and as long as the love of God is with us, we will continue to celebrate,” he said.
Fr Gibson Munyoro SJ, the Rector of Arrupe College, commended all the missionaries and parishioners who were inspired and worked hard to accomplish their goals of spreading the good news to the people.
In his homily, emphasized that parishioners should contribute in the growth of church and to continue loving one another.
“This 60th anniversary celebration is an expression of God's love that this faith community has experienced.”
"That love continues to lead and guide us all as we acknowledge our multicultural nature and diversity and continue to say `yes' to the call of God in our individual and communal response to love one another.”
Fr Munyoro SJ stressed that one of the ways we respond to God is to "Be the change we want to see."
The parish has given birth to neighbouring parishes St Peter Canisius in Marlborough, St Stephen’s in Dzivarasekwa and St Ignatius of Loyola centre.
Marking the 60th anniversary, a new grotto was erected and blessed by the Apostolic Nuncio.


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