Zimbabwe-Mozambique Jesuits celebrate 2017 Jubilees

The Society of Jesus in Zimbabwe-Mozambique honored 10 Jesuits celebrating their Jubilees ranging from 25 to 75 years in the Society of Jesus and also 25 years in priesthood at Arrupe College in Harare. 

Bishop Emeritus for Chinhoyi Diocese, Dieter Scholz SJ celebrated the mass commemorating his brother Jesuits who dedicated their lives to serve the Lord. 

He said, “Dear Jubilarians, you were invited by Jesus to follow him, you heard the call, you accepted the invitation and you faithfully wall with Jesus on his difficult journey up to Jerusalem for the past 25, 50, 60 70 75 years.”

“Year after year you renewed you commitment, and each one of you did so at your great personal cos. I thank you for your general perseverance on behalf of the church and the Society of Jesus.”

Bishop Scholz asked the Jesuits. In the ‘presence of God and the church’, to remain celibate for the sake of the kingdom and in lifelong service to God.

“We do carry the treasure of our vocation in vessels, which are fragile. Our vocation can be broken if we do not live our solemn promises, if we do not pray, if we do not make our annual retreats and if we do not receive the sacrament of reconciliation before we give it to others.” 

Fr George Croft celebrates 75 years in the Society of Jesus while Fr Anthony Watsham trails at 70 years in the Society of Jesus. 

The Jesuits celebrating 60 years as Jesuits, Br Jose Araujo de Andrade and Fr Robert Althan could not attend. 

Fr Thomas Armando, Fr Joseph Arimoso, Fr Chiedza Chimhanda, Fr Emmanuel Gurumombe and Fr Tiyowoyechi Silungwe celebrated 25 years of service in the Society of Jesus. 

Fr Heribert Mueller, who is currently serving as the Director at Escola Secundária Inácio de Loyola, in Tsangano, Mozambique, was present to celebrate his 25 years in the priesthood. 

Friends, family and brother Jesuits attended the celebrations to offer their gratitude and support to the Jubilees. 

The 10 have immensely contributed to communities all over Zimbabwe and Mozambique serving in a wide range of professional roles. 


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