Jesuit education prepare youths for the future: Fr Arturo Sosa SJ

Jesuit Superior General, Fr Arturo Sosa SJ, has said Jesuit schools are centers of preparing young people for the future, giving them meaning to their lives and training them to contribute to the common good. 

Addressing Jesuit Education Delegates gathered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the International Congress for Jesuit Education (JESEDU-Rio2017), Father General said the task of the educator, and in particular in Jesuit educational institutions, is to help younger generations find their place in the world and before God. 

The international conference, the first to bring together provincial education delegates and the regional networks, was attended by more than 100 hundred delegates that serve in educational work in secondary and pre-secondary schools. 

The duty of educators, Fr Sosa SJ reiterated, is to guide youths “so that they can project their personal and social development, helping to build a better world.”

“This need to profoundly understand our world in order to offer the greatest and best service to the Glory of God is why we see our mission as an intellectual apostolate.” 

Amidst the challenges the education apostolate faces, he said renewal is an ongoing task. 

“We need to go a step ahead of what we know and imagine today. Our educational models need to prepare young people for the future.”

He emphasised that educators cannot lie stuck in educational models in which adults do not feel comfortable and suggested that there is need to take a step forward. 

“We need to be alert to the danger of the institutional momentum that prevents discernment and needed renewal.”

Father General says training students to be men and women of conscience, competence, compassion and commitment gives purpose to academic excellence.

He reminded the participants that they should answer with imagination and creativity, without forgetting that the goal of education is to train individuals so they can give meaning to their lives and contribute to the common good within their context, their society and their planet. 

Ratifying his esteem for the education apostolate, Fr Sosa SJ urged the participant to to remember that “the challenges before us are many, but the apostolic possibilities can be greater.”

This faith encourages us to take on the path of apostolic audaciousness that makes the impossible possible.


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