Let our lives be a witness: Archbishop Ndlovu

The message to urge people of faith to live Christian values at work, in communities and during times of elections is unprecedented. 

The Church has always shared with the gospel to the people the, pointing light in the direction of how to live well in communities and how to contribute to a common good. 

In recent pastoral visits to parishes, the Archbishop of Harare His Grace Robert Ndlovu has reiterated that meaningful and peaceful participation can build better communities, communities that reflect Christian values. 

Delivering his homily earlier this month at St Peter’s Mbare, Archbishop Ndlovu hit hard on the need for Catholics, Christians to participate in the current electoral cycle.

Drawing from the Catholic Bishops’ 2017 pastoral letter, Elections, Peace and development to which he is a signatory, he urged parishioners to respond positively to the call of the national leaders for people to register to vote in preparation of 2018 harmonised elections. 

“Be involved in politics and support your political party because it’s right as a citizen of a country. Register to vote.”

 “If you decide to participate in politics, do not abandon your catholic faith, do well to others and avoid violence.”  

Archbishop Ndlovu exhorted the faithful to respect others peoples choices and at all costs avoid losing the Catholic social teaching during the time of elections.

He also urged newly confirmed Catholics to hold dear to their faith and to take it seriously.

“Don’t be Catholics who are known for coming to church but let our lives show it.” said Bishop Ndlovu.  

“Be inspired by the Holy Spirit to know the voice of Jesus and to live in truth.”

He emphasized that the lives of Christians should be like that of Christ and it should be a witness, bear the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control.


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