MAGIS Update

2017 has been a great year for the Jesuit Youth Office with various activities organised in order to Ignite, Engage and Educate young people. One of the key successes has been the Ignite Youth Mass. Fr Ignatius Padya SJ describes it as a mass “that takes its time” because the gospel is read twice, there are individual and guided reflections, lots of singing and faith sharing. It’s celebrated the last Sunday of every month. 

For the Magis network in Southern Africa, 2017 ended at high note and so did the coming of 2018. Kariba was set on fire by a group of young people, who are interested in Ignatian spirituality, from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Germany, Tanzania and Mozambique. The Encounter ran from the 27th of December 2017 to the 2nd of January 2018. It gave the youths an opportunity to share a unique experiences. It facilitated personal growth, building relationships with God and others, and creating a platform for intercultural dialogue.  Magis circles, country cultural presentations, reflections, Ignatian experiments, and other social activities filled the programme. 

Jesus in January. For the past two years, the Magis network has been brining hundreds of young people together for a Resolution Day. Resolutions! Yes resolution day. The idea is premised on the tradition that when people are blessed to see a new year, they plan their journey, listing and prioritising on what will personally satisfy them and see them to a better standing. The questions has always been how much of the listed resolutions has something closely related to Jesus? So this Sunday the 28th of January more than 400 youths filled the space at St Francis Xavier Parish, in Braeside, Harare for a Jesus in January experience.

Ruvimbo Chihwai, one of the Coordinators of the Magis Network in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, said the network “calls all young people to make critical decisions (resolutions) guided by and based on a strong spiritual understanding.” This is what gave birth to the concept of Jesus in January. An annual prayer and reflection gathering to help with these resolutions.

“It is at this same event that young people are reminded to be as Magis as possible in their personal agendas for the year and stick to their true life purpose.”

The basis of Jesus in January is on Ignatian spirituality, as Magis itself is based on the Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius. The encouragement is to "find God in all things" in January, to reflect on "What More can I do for Christ" and how best to live a life " Ad Majorem Dei Glorium". 


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