Of UZ Catholic students and Youths in Makonde


The relationship between the Catholic Society at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and the youths and community at St Rupert Mayer Mission in Makonde never ceases to grow. 

A couple of volunteers frequenting the mission to support and assist the Jesuits at the mission have inspired many more students resulting in the visits almost annual traditions of service filled with mercy and love. 

The weekend 23 to 25 March 2018 marked another transforming visit to the mission by students from the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) at UZ, the Faith Love Abstinence Status and Hope Network (FLASH Network) and the Christian Life Community groups. 

The groups also partnered the Jesuit Communications department and the Arrupe Jesuit University Students in the visit. 

The first day was characterised by an interaction between the senior boarding school students at the high school and the 12-member advance delegation during the students’ night study session. 

This was a time well spent in attempt to expose the high school students to various career paths that are open to them after their high school studies.

Saturday the 24th kicked off with a girls workshop which was aimed at empowering the girl child with personal hygiene skills as well as mentoring the girls on how to break the societal ceiling placed upon them in order for them to excel and position themselves in none vulnerable positions in life. 

This workshop was being coordinated by Flash network with the assistance of a few invited facilitators. During this workshop Arrupe Jesuit University and the CCJP groups presented donations in form of sanitary pads, uniforms and civilian clothing that they had sourced for this cause.

In the afternoon C.C.J.P UZ coordinated a leadership training course for senior students and prefects. An AJU representative made a presentation on Ignatian leadership that is consistent with Jesuit ethos which we believe was very enriching.

On the last day of the visit CCJP UZ together Jescom conducted a youth participation and engagement workshop with particular emphasis on the upcoming harmonised election. A presentation was made on the Constitution of Zimbabwe and its bearing on the youth. 

The electoral process was also articulated with another presentation dwelling on the anonymity of the electorate’s vote. The latter presentation went on to explain the ZCBC pastoral letter and its message to Catholics in Zimbabwe as we approach election time.

C.L.C U.Z also took the opportunity of this visit to donate school fees for a few students as well as establish bilateral ties with C.L.C Mayer. 





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