2018 RDL: a point of positive turnaround


By Ruvimbo Chihwai 


Have you noticed how difficult it is to set time aside daily for prayer?


Our lives are so eventful that most of our more frequent prayer habits are in times of need and despair. St Ignatius of Loyola challenges us in his Spiritual Exercises to find God in all things and become more than meets the eye. 

In the midst of our busy lives we are called to be more conscious of our surroundings, appreciate life around and within us and better our holistic lives through the Retreat in Daily Life. 

In alignment with the liturgical calendar the Retreat is done during Lent, a time for deep contemplation and self-retrospection. 

RDL, as we mostly call it, does not set us apart from our daily routine much except the need to spare a few minutes for a guided reflection and meditation. 

The main individual challenge of this journey is committing oneself to developing new habits and modifying our old ways so as to be better versions of ourselves. 

In view of the fact that we learn from our experiences and those of others, the Retreat in Daily Life comes with Spiritual Direction usually in the form of a religious individual with whom the retreatant can meet and have heart to heart discussions with. In some instances retreatants meet on their own to share experiences and have self examen of conscience challenges in the form of Magis circles. 

The 30 day Retreat in Daily Life has been the highlight of Ignatian Spirituality for most people and a point of positive turnaround for new retreatants. 

This year, 2018, our theme was “Saying yes to God”. This journey has stirred up some burning desire within us. The Lenten season is over but in truth we are still going on with our individual retreats in daily life. Our spirituality is not different from our daily routines. 


We thrive to live prayer more than we set aside time for it. 


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