To give and not count the cost- MAGIS visits Larche.

By Tapiwa Kapisa


Fifteen young people from the Ignatian movement MAGIS came together in companionship to experience life at Larche Home for the intellectually handicapped, in Waterfalls on Saturday the 24th of June.


It was a day where young people engaged with the residents of Larche through gestures of service like cleaning, shelling maize, cooking and playing with the children there. 


Saint Ignatius of Loyola challenges us to be more in our faith, hence this became the motive behind the visit, (an initiative MAGIS always implements time and again).


MAGIS Spirituality Coordinator, Ruvimbo Chihwai said they are in constant reminder of the pillars that support their being more.


“It was a touching encounter that left us uplifted in our spirits because it was a reminder that outside of our comfort is where we are reignited into thinking about others and what more we can do for God,” Ruvimbo remarked.


“As MAGIS, we have another cause which is building up momentum towards Magis Panama 2019, and this bundled up with the Year of Young People has driven us to come up with programs that can align the youth across spiritual growth, better companionship, taking up a life  of service, personal growth and motivation plus decision making,” she added.


One of the participants, Vincent Sakonda said the experience was more eye opening towards the things people take for granted.


“For me the visit reminded me that I’m blessed to have things that other people do not have.


“Simple things like good health and with this I need to give back to God by serving those that are in need,” Vincent said.

 MAGIS hopes to develop into a more comprehensive program that will take the youth to much greater lengths beyond the year dedicated for young people.


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