Celebrating the life of a hero: RIP Clemens Freyer SJ

 Fr Clemens Freyer SJ went to his eternal reward in the early hours of the 9thof August 2018. 

He passed on at Richartz House, a place he had to stay and pray for the Society ending his 48 year mission to Zimbabwe.

Fr Clemens Freyer (84) would have turned 85 on the 28thof August 2018. 

He was born in Berlin Germany, entered the Society of Jesus in May 1956. 

In 1966, he was ordained into priesthood on his birthday and fours years later found himself on a ship, sailing to Rhodesia where he took his final vows in August 1973. 

So he was born, ordained, professes final vows and passed on in August.

In Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Freyer SJ served in various missions such as St Albert's where a remarkable chapter in well documented. 

It was the incident in 1973 when 300 school children were taken from St Albert’s Mission by freedom fighters intended to take them to Mozambique, Fr Freyer vowed to go with the children however Fr Freyer SJ was then asked to take some of the children back to St Albert’s since the boats were not enough for everyone to cross over Zambezi River.

 Following the closure of St Albert’s , Fr  Freyer SJ worked in several missions like Mt Darwin (1976), Chitsungo (1977-1978), Alaska (1980-1985), Kutama (1986-1988), Chinhoyi (1989-1993),  St Ignatius College Chishawasha (1994-2000) where he pioneered the feeding scheme programs in schools especially in St Joseph’s and  St Peter Claver  Schools in Chishawasha.

At St Paul’s Musami Chishawasha where he was Superior, Fr Freyer SJ build and modelled the first Early Childhood Development (ECD). This model is being implemented all over the country by the government. 

From 2002 to 2009 Fr Freyer SJ worked in Chishawasha, then Holy Name Catholic Church in Malbereign and St George’s College Harare where he was the school Chaplain. 

Fr Freyer SJ is also well remembered for his heroic love for the prisoners at Harare Central Prison. He helped with prayers, food and designed the red and white uniform being worn by the prisoners today.

He was laid to rest on the 13thof August 2018 at Chishawasha Cemetery.

We continue to pray for his soul and ask the Lord to raise such priests with a heavy heart for the poor and needy in our midst. May he rest in peace.


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