Service is key: St Ignatius College students at Larche

By Jabulani Shaba

So what does it mean to be Ignatian? For Brandon Mutyambizi, Sean Njela, Magaret Musiyiwa, Grace Dzinotyiwei, St Ignatius College students, a 10 day service at one of the country’s largest home for persons with intellectual disabilities L’Arche Zimbabwe, is to love and to serve. 

Brendon Mutyambizi and his companions from St Ignatius College Chishawasha signed up for the college’s long serving program, the St Ignatius Service Programme.

This is a programme designed to allow students to volunteer for the purposes of prayer, spirituality and personal growth. 

It is inspired by Ignatian principles of service, being there for others and giving and not counting the cost. 

 L’Arche Zimbabwe is a home or a community for persons with intellectual disabilities registered as a Social Welfare Organisation. 

It gives value and a place of recognition across religious and cultural traditions for those with disabilities.

Brendon Mutyambizi, one of the student volunteers shares his experience.

 “These people are our brothers and sisters, they need our love and care. I have come to realise that one might be physically challenged but they have other skills and we have to support their dreams by helping them in their daily life. Some cannot speak properly but love is a universal language that speaks to all souls’ 

The Service Programme was initiated in 2015 mainly for the students with the motive of servitude and living life according to God’s will which is to love and to serve. 

It teaches students the importance of purpose and responsibility. 

The students expressed their appreciation of the importance of community love and how society’s perception on the less privileged should change.

Love should come first and stigma should not exist, people should appreciate the importance of human life. 

Larche Coordinator, Mr Time Baluwa expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the students who had visited their community and emphasized how Larches vision is parallel to the Ignatian spirituality. 

“Larche works with Magis and doing more for God with profoundness allow young people to reflect on their lives and give them the opportunity to discover life and to be more informed to make better informed decisions,” he said

The service programme is a challenge to the parent to encourage their children to be active citizens, men and women for others. 





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