Young People in Africa: a valuable resource

The Pope’s prayer intention for September is focused on ‘Young People in Africa’. In his prayer the prayer encourages young people in Africa to see themselves as the continent’s valuable resource.

“Africa is a wealthy continent, and its greatest, most valuable resource is its young people”

With all the difficulties facing Africa as a continent the Holy Father urges the young people to see possibilities of turning the difficulties into opportunities.

“They should be able to choose between letting themselves be overcome by difficulty or transforming the difficulty into an opportunity”.

Pope Francis points out that the most effective way to help the young people in Africa in making such important choices is through an investment in Education. He further says without the possibility of education young people won’t have a future. The Pope called on the church to pray for young people in this region to have access to education and be able to work in their own countries.

“The most effective way to help them in this choice is to invest in their education.

If young people don’t have the possibility of education, what future can they have?

Let us pray that young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries”.


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