St Francis Xavier Braeside Parish Celebrates Ecology Day

By Shesby Chabaya

Pope Francis’ second Encyclical, Laudato Si (2015) started a veritable ‘environmental movement’ and today it has spread to many vibrant Jesuit parishes, St Francis Xavier, Braeside counted among the many. 

On Saturday the 6thof October 2016, parishioners at St Francis Xavier Braeside Parish gathered to celebrate an Ecology Day, dedicated to educating parishioners on Waste Management. 

The day was organised and activities conducted by young people. 

Sessions were run to demonstrate the process of waste separation aimed at encouraging active participation of all families to separate waste from source and manage waste, ‘for the care of our common home.’

Families were encouraged to reuse empty bags to separate paper, cans, bottles, and channel organic waste into the compost so that it can in turn feed the garden as manure.

 Several campaigns have been run as the Jesuits and collaborators seek to raise awareness and engage communities in practical ways of taking care of the environment. 

Similar campaigns include separation of waste campaigns run by Team up to Clean Up Mbare and the Integral Youth Development groups. 


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