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Aug 2012: Jesuit Jubilarians Celebrations

Aug 2012: Ipi n'Tombi - St George's College / Dominican Convent music drama production

Jul 2012:  Ordination of Frs Gilbert Banda, Chrispen Matsilele, Clyde Muropa, Peter Paul Musekiwa

Jul 2012:  St Ignatius College 50th Jubilee Celebrations

Jul 2012: St Peter's Day at Mbare

Jun 2012: St George's College dance competition

Feb 2012: Diaconate Ordination at Hekima, Nairobi

Feb 2012: St Ignatius College 50th anniversary dinner

Jan 2012: Province AssemblyJesuit Communications Zimbabwe

Dec 2011: Midnight Mass at Arrupe College Jesuit AIDS Project

Nov 2011: Culture Night at Arrupe CollegeSilveira House 

Oct 2011:  First and Final Vows MassSt Ignatius College

Sep 2011: Jubilaiians Celebration St George's College

July 2011: OrdinationsVisitation High School, Makumbi

May 2011: St George's College EisteddfordArrupe College of Philosophy & Humanities

May 2011: Diaconate ordination  Magis Forum Zimbabwe

April 2011: Cultural Drama at Arrupe College

April 2011: Easer Vigil at Arrupe College