Challenges to Our Mission Today (GC 35, Decree 3)

(all these paintings are from the Art Department of St George's College)

(painting by A Byers)

from General Congregation 35 , paragraph 46:

"The aim of our mission is the service of faith;

the integrating principle is the inseparable link

between faith and the promotion of the justice of the Kingdom"

from General Congregation 35, paragraphs 56, 60, 61:

1. Through inculturation and dialogue
– To establish right relationships with God, with one another, with creation;
– In a world torn by violence, strife & division … to build a world of right relationships;
– Building bridges across barriers; bridge the divisions of a fragmented world.

from General Congregation 35, paragraph 47:

2. New forms of integral evangelization ‘to reach the places others do not reach’

(painting by A Byers)

from General Congregation 35, paragraph 64:

Engagement with the dominant culture (of subjectivism, moral relativism, hedonism & practical materialism):
– Dialogue & reflection on the relationship between faith & reason, culture & morality, faith & society.

from General Congregation 34, paragraph 131:

Where religious fundamentalism is being used to divide people: engage in fourfold dialogue  [66]:

Life: where people live in an open & neighbourly sprit,
Action: collaborating with others for development & liberation of people,
Religious experience: sharing of spiritual riches among religious traditions,
Theological exchange: deepen understanding of different religious heritages. [GC34: 131].

from General Congregation 35, paragraph 67:

Educational & pastoral ministry among the youth.

(painting by A Byers)

from General Congregation 35, paragraph 47:

6. In the context of globalisation (excluding & exploiting the poor, marginalisation of nations, transnational exploitation, war & arms trafficking):                                                                                                        

– To establish right relationships;
– Learning from and acting with and for the poor & marginalised;
– Build bridges between rich and poor;
– Build bridges between those who hold political power & those who find it difficult to voice their interests;
– Intellectual apostolate to tackle these issues;
– Promote corporate social responsibility, humane business culture & economic development initiatives with the poor.

from General Congregation 35, paragraph 73:

Put new communication technologies at the service of those at the margins.

(painting by T Majongwe)

from General Congregation 35, paragraphs 75-78:

Restore right relationships with creation.

(Painting by Head of art Department Mrs V Murombedzi)

from General Congregation 35, paragraph 79:

9. Research, activity, advocacy, cooperation with others focusing on poverty, environment, displaced persons.