Characteristics of Jesuit Education

World affirming

  • Assists in the total development of each individual within the community
  • Includes a religious dimension that permeates the entire education is an apostolic instrument
  • Promotes dialogue between faith and culture
  • Insists on individual cre and concern for each person
  • Emphasizes activity on the part of the student in the learning process
  • Encourages lifelong openness to growth

Is value orientated

  • Encourages a realistic knowledge, love and acceptance of self
  • Provides a realistic knowledge of the world in which we live

Proposes Christ as the model of human life

  • Provides adequate pastoral care
  • Celebrates faith in personal and community prayer, worship and service

Is a preparation for active life commitment

  • Serves the faith that does justice
  • Seks to form men and women for others
  • Manifests a particular concern for the poor

Is an apostolic instrument in service of the Church as it serves human society

  • Prepares students for active participation on the Church and the local community for the service of others
  • Pursues excellence in its work of individual development
  • Witnesses to excellence

Stresses lay-Jesuit collaboration

  • Relies on a spirit of community among teaching staff and administrators
  • Takes place within a structure that promotes community

Adapts means and methods in order to achieve its purposes most effectively

  • Is a system of schools with a common vision and common goals
  • Assists in providing the professional training and ongoing formation that is needed, especially for teachers