Jesuit Parish Ministry in Zimbabwe for 125 years

There are approximately 3,200 Jesuits working in 2,000 parishes throughout the world.  Jesuits have been involved in parish work in Zimbabwe since 1887 when Lobengula granted Fr Prestage a site at Empandeni to establsh the first school and parish in this country. 

After some years, the Jesuits moved North and established the dioceses of Harare and Chinhoyi.  The first two Archbishops of Harare were Jesuits and, to this day, Chinhoyi diocese still has a Jesuit bishop, Dieter Scholz SJ.

The Jesuits also established Chishawasha Major Seminary for the training of local Diocesan clergy.  As a result, today most parishes throughout the country are run by diocesan priests trained at Chishawasha.  However, the Jesuits are still responsible for 7 parishes in the Archdiocese of Harare, and three in the Diocese of Chinhoyi:

Harare Archdiocese: Braeside, Mabelreign (incorporating Malborough and Dzivarasekwa), Mbare, Mount Pleasant, Chishawasha, Makumbi, Musami. 

Chinhoyi Diocese: Banket, St Rupert's Makonde, Murombedzi.