Characteristics of Jesuits in Parish work






Fr Watson Matara SJ, then at St Peter's, Mbare, now at St Paul's Musami

  • A Jesuit is sent to a parish in order to contribute meaningfully to its total life.  He should be selected for his lived spirituality and pastoral competence.  He must be able to interact positively with various age groups, and should have the necessary skills for working cooperatively with lay people and other members of the parish staff.
  • Jesuits in parish ministry should have ongoing contact with other Jesuits, with Diocesan pastors, as well as with religious sisters, brothers and priests ministering in the region.  They should spend time with them for collective reflection and common action. 
  • A Jesuit destined to become a pastor must have special training, especially in such skills as preaching, ligurgy, catechesis, socio-cultural anaysis, social communication, and conflict management.
  • Opportunities for contact with model parishes and pastoral training centres must be available to him for ongoing formation.
  • Apostolic experiences in parishes should be made available to Jesuits in the early stages of formation.