Integral Youth Development

Promoting an AIDS free Generation

The Youth Integral Development project works with young people to bring the love and justice of the gospel to societies and cultures. The project responds to the HIV and AIDS pandemic by empowering young people between the ages of 12 to 29 years who are in and out of school, in parishes, in orphanages to avoid STIs and HIV infections.

The programmes cover the following areas; Youth Against AIDS Clubs, Training, Advocacy and Awareness, Counselling, Youth Accompaniment and Capacity Building. In terms of youth volunteers, this year saw 850 enthusiastic young people volunteering in the different programmes and activities organised by the Jesuit AIDS Project. 

The major activity of the project is the Young People Making a Difference Campaign.  This campaign is aimed at mobilising young people to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. The response of young people to this campaign is outstanding. Many clubs manage to organise activities, discussions and outreach around the campaign, thus demonstrating youth's increased realisation of thir social responsibility to make a difference in our AIDS-ravaged society.

These young people fund-raise, donate clothes and food to AIDS Orphans and People Living with HIV/AIDS.  Others are engaged in youth action activities in advocacy, and children's rights and wellbeing.

IYD Youth Festival – 'Stepping up the Steps of Success to an AIDS Free Generation'

IYD Youth Festival – 'Stepping up the Steps of Success to an AIDS Free Generation'



Where the Integral Youth Development project currently has groups meeting

Arundel Girls High
Dominican Convent
Dzivarasekwa High 1    
Girls High School
Glenview High1
Harare High School    
Hartmann House
Highfield High1
Lord Malvern High
Mabelreign Girls
Marlborough High
Monte Casino
Mount Pleasant High
Nagle House
National Education College
Oriel Girls High
Prince Edward
Queen Elizabeth    
Roosevelt High School
St Dominic’s Chishawasha
St Georges College
St Ignatius College
St Johns Emerald Hill
St Paul’s Musami
St Peter’s Kubatana    
St Peter’s Secondary
Visitation Makumbi
Watershed College
ZRP High School    

Chitungwiza Presbyterian
Harare Cathedral Parish
Highfield Presbyterian
Kuwadzana Presbyterian                
Mabvuku Presbyterian
St Stephen's, Dzivarasekwa
St Peter's, Mbare
St Canisius, Marlborough    

Other Groups:
Emerald Hill Children’s Home
Harare Children’s Home
Mavambo Learning Centre

The raison d’être of the Integral Youth Development project is:

In response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic and in enhancing integral youth development, the Integral Youth Development project brings the love and justice of the Gospel to societies and cultures by empowering young people aged 12 – 29 years in schools, colleges, orphan institutions, parishes and communities to avoid STIs and HIV infections and to be responsible members of society. 

The Integral Youth Development project envisions:

An empowered generation of young people free from HIV and AIDS who uphold love and justice for human life and are responsible members of society.

TheIntegral Youth Development project commits itself to the fulfilment of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching:

  • The Dignity of Human Life
  • Chastity
  • Love
  • Justice
  • Participation
  • Solidarity
  • Stewardship of God's Creation





Mr Time Baluwa
Integral Youth Development Programmes Coordinator