A Brief Introduction to the Jesuits

The Jesuits are a religious order within the Catholic Church. The Zimbabwe-Mozambique Province has 260 members, with 170 Jesuits living and working in Zimbabwe, another 22 in Mozambique, and a further 50 studying or working outside the region.

Perhaps what we are most well-known for in Zimbabwe are the schools that we own and run like St. Georges College, St. Ignatius and St. Peter’s Kubatana, as well as the mission schools we run on behalf of the diocese at Makumbi, Musami and Makonde, in all 18 schools in the Harare and Chinhoyi dioceses.  In Mozambique we are better known for the parishes we run in Tete, Angonia, Beira and Maputo, as well as the farm Satemwa and the new school being built at Msaladzi.

Jesuits are involved in running 4 parishes in Harare: Mount Pleasant, Braeside, St. Peter’s Mbare, Mabelreign-Dzivarasekwa, as well as Chishawasha just outside Harare. We are also responsible for a further four rural parishes: Banket, Makonde and Makumbi and Musami.

Social development that focuses on building a more just, equitable and participative society is another central work of the Jesuits. This apostolate is run mainly from our social centre at Silveira House.  Then there is our ministry to Youth and Young Adults which often overlaps with the social apostolate in activities such as the Integral Youth Development project, Zambuko House rehabilitation and skills training home for street children, the Shingirirayi project and the Pedro Arrupe home and education centre for hearing impaired children.

Woven into all of this diverse tapestry of activities is the spirituality apostolate, where we as Jesuits seek to communicate to others the gifts, the freedom, and the joy of our Ignatian spiritual heritage. We do this most directly through the giving of retreats and the formation of Christian Life Communities. But this Ignatian spirituality invariably shines out also through all of our other various works.

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