Congratulations/ Amhlope Fr. Godfrey Dlamini, S.J.

By Fr Emmanuel Kaparasa SJ


On the 10th of August 2019 a convoy of young Jesuits trekked to the “City of Kings and Queens” for the thanksgiving mass of Fr. Godfrey Dlamini (Mzekeze) SJ. The Mass was celebrated  on the next day 11 August 2019 at St. Pius, Njube. The Mass itself was unique with drums, marimba, guitars and hosho. These music instruments were all well ochestrated. One could not resist the “Zuma Zulu” dance by the congregation  as they welcomed their new “sangoma” who wore a clean shave now a sign of some ontological change that came after some valuable of discernment. The little liturgical dancers were superbly dressed in Brenda Fassie attire showing their talents, strengths and flexibility. 


Notwistanding the colouful moments of excitement, the homily was such a deep admonition preparing the young priest for the ministry. It was made clear in the homily that the new priest ought to be available for the people of God and to nourish them with spiritual food. He is to be a man of prayer himself nourished by God in order for him to be an instrument of edification for others as well. No one can give what he does not have. I found this catchy for all of us who share in this same ministry. 


The ceremony was concluded by some dancing, food and drinks for everyone. The dance group from St Peter's Mbare which travelled to Bulawayo for the Mass displayed a variety of traditional dances from different Zimbabwean ethnic groups. The performance was really brilliant. After spending the day as if there was no tomorrow, the troops then returned to Harare.


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