Jesuit School Leaver Profile

by the end of their time in a Jesuit school, it is hoped that our school leavers will be:

  • Developing and deepening a relationship with God, and able to find God through reflection on their own experience.
  • Happy, friendly and confident, with a sense of humour and an awareness of their God-given gifts, and the desire to fulfill their potential for good.
  • Seen to have a generosity of spirit, and a readiness to place their talents at the disposal of others, especially the most needy.
  • Continually deepening their understanding of who Christ is, and of living out their faith more fully.
  • Well prepared to take their place in wider society, unmotivated by prestige or selfish ambition, but aware of how fully they can contribute to the common good.
  • Ready to ask, 'What more can I do?'  'What more can i give?' in every area of life.
  • Proud of having belonged to a a Jesuit school community, with respect for its values and those who taught them.