Jesuit Communications (JESCOM) – the Communications Arm of the Zimbabwe Jesuit Province


Jesuit Commmunications JESCOM publishes Mukai – Vukani (meaning Wake Up!), the Jesuit magazine for Zimbabwe-Mozambique Province. 

This is an in-house magazine distributed freely to Jesuits and friends five times a year, with a circulation of 2000 copies.

This journal is a continuation of the 21 editions of Mukai published by Jesuits just for themselves in the 1990s.  The “new” Mukai has now reached No 73.

About the JESCOM and its Journal

Mukai-Vukani Jesuit Journal for Zimbabwe-Mozambique serves as a Magazine for Theological Reflection among Jesuits in Zimbabwe and their friends.

It tries to help us answer the question, "What direction do we have to follow in the light of the Word of God at this moment in time?"

It facilitates dialogue among Jesuits and their friends based on study, prayer and discernment.

Mukai-Vukani welcomes letters to the editor and articles of not more than 1200 words from among its readers.

It is keen to provide a platform to discuss the present situation in Zimbabwe – where media are shackled, people are without access to information and unable to express alternative views.

JESCOM also provides other interested media organisatios with information on Jesuits and their work in Zimbabwe-Mozambique Province.

The Jesuit Communications office is supported by a supervisory board which also acts as editorial board for Mukai-Vukani.

JESCOM  always welcomes young Jesuits interested in media work. It hopes to be able to network with other Jesuit media workers and communicators on the continent.

Kudakwashe Matambo Communications and Programs Officer, Frashishiko Chikosi administrator 

IN TOUCH with Church and Faith (E-news Bulletin)

From its Harare office, Jesuit Communications sends out a  monthly  electronic newsletter, IN TOUCH with Church and Faith.

The newsletter gives information on the Jesuits and the Church in Zimbabwe.

 IN TOUCH goes out to different parts of Zimbabwe, as well as Zimbabweans in the diaspora. Some publications outside the country take up its material bringing it to a wider audience.

If you wish to receive this e-newsletter, please send an email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zimbabwe Jesuits and Community Radio

^ Fr Nigel Johnson SJ, when Director of Radio Dialogue in Bulawayo 2001-10

In 2001, Fr Nigel Johnson SJ (pictured above) established Radio Dialogue, Zimbabwe's first community radio station, based in Buiawayo, and is on the Board of the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS).  Fr Oskar Wermter SJ, then JESCOM Director, was a key person in the process of establishing Community Radio Harare (CORAH), and is a member of the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) Board.. 

Currently Zimbabwe is one of the few remaining countries in Africa that has refused to license community radio stations, so they are compelled to broadcast on Short Wave, or by satellite, from outside the country. However, once the airwaves are liberated, the Zimbabwe Jesuits might look into setting up their own station, currently an initiative RADIO CHIEDZA.


^ Chrispen Matsilele SJ filming an ordination in Nairobi

Prison Life
While at Radio Dialogue and Ingwe Studios, two Jesuits, Fr Nigel Johnson SJ and scholastic Chrispen Matsilele SJ, gained access to Harare Central Prison with the assistance of Prison Chaplain Fr David Harold-Barry SJ. They brought their audio and video recording equipment with them, and recorded exclusive video clips of the prison choir singing 'Ndaive Mbava' ('I used to be a thief') and other songs.  This extraordinary video also shows scenes of prison life in Zimbabwe – chopping firewood, cooking, ironing clothes, the electronics workshop, teaching their fellow prisoners, playing chess with prison wardens, and the prison soccer team.

Victoria Falls
Or, if you want to see the beauty of God's creation in Zimbabwe, watch Chrispen's short clips of that Wonder of the World, the Victoria Falls, where Zimbabwe and Zambia meet on the Zambezi river.

Cholera Prevention
Alternatively, you can meet Zimbabwean dynamic Member of Parliament, Thabiha Khumalo, as she prevents the Harare cholera epidemic from spreading to her home city of Bulawayo.